Compliments and complaints about a driver or vehicle can be sent to 3-11 or the TLC website (

We, of course, love hearing that our drivers are keepng passengers safe and happy on the road. Here is a recent letter we received from a passenger:


Dear All Taxi Management,

I am writing to you regarding the most pleasant taxi ride and experience I had with one of your drivers, Nasar Gondal (Medallion #8D80). Last Wednesday evening, he picked four of us up for a very short ride in midtown and dropped us on 46th Street. He was so pleasant and entertaining in the very brief time we spent with him.

I discovered a short time later that my wallet was missing. I was trying to retrace our steps and thought that I was doomed. The thought of replacing everything and losing some very sweet pictures was making me very upset. About a half hour into my brief nightmare, the hostess of the bar came up and said the taxi driver was outside with my wallet. I couldn’t believe it. He was double parked and found me after going into three other restaurants (you know how busy restaurant row is at 7:00 pm.). When I tried to give him cash, he said “no I don’t want any cash, please say a prayer for my mother she is not feeling well.”

I can’t tell you how many people that I have shared this story with. It is my best New York story in the 27 years that I have lived here. It was a pleasure to meet Nasar and I hope that you share this with your team.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do to make sure he gets the recognition he deserves,